Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner $249.95
CPU-1T w/ "on board tools" @ $269.95
The Carpet Pro is available with or without tools. 

This machine has been manufactured for over 25 years. Bags,belts and service can be had in any dealer location. The machines are reliable and relatively quiet. These machines use a "vacuum motor", a bypass design depositing dirt and debris into the bag prior to the air traveling through the motor. This means you can pick up coins, nuts, staples, paper clips and various small object without jeopardizing the motor. This design revolutionized "on board tools" for upright style vacs. For the first time, using a vacuum motor rather than an "open fan" motor, the tools suction actually generated suction power. Fishing for debris in crevice of couches could be achieved without sucking a coin into the fan and breaking a blade. The coin flies up the hose and into the bag, just as a canister vacuum would work.  Now any tool or extension wand can be used with your upright vacuum. Since wall to wall carpeting, uprights have become the machine of choice. 80% of American household use an upright vac as the primary vacuum cleaner.
  • Metal Handle, Metal Bottom Plate and Metal Brushroll and 30' cord.
  • Filtration: Electrostatic Foam Filtration
  • Cleaning Width: 12 inches
  • Bag: Panasonic U-3/U-6 Genuine Bags, Envirocare Simplicity/Riccar regular or HEPA bags.

Carpet Pro Model SCBP1 BackPack Vacuum Cleaner $349.95
Efficient, Powerful, Durable,this CarpetPro Backpack comes standard with; 5' hose, 2 piece extension wand, upholstery toll, dust brush, floor brush and rug tool. It has a very strong 11.5 amp, 1400 watt motor which is reasonably quiet at just 71dB. The detachable, 50' cord gives extra long reach and is easily replaceable if necessary. Extra clean air filtered by the 6 quart paper bag, quilted cloth filter bag and HEPA filter is exhausted out  the bottom of the vacuum. Empty weight of this versatile backpack is just 11 lbs. Padded shoulder straps reduce strain on back and shoulders. SCBP1 comes with 10 Paper Bags and FREE Shipping! 

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Carpet Pro CPU-2 Commercial Upright @ $269​
The Carpet Pro CPU-2 is a true commercial machine and includes many conveniences not found in a typical commercial machine including an Easy Bag Change System and a By-Pass Motor System. The Carpet Pro CPU-2 also uses a Motor By-Pass System which means all of the dirt goes directly into the bag and NOT through the motor. This means you can pick up a nickel or screw and not worry about broken fans which is a common problem in many other commercial machines. Instead of using plastic or wood for the brush roll or plastic for the baseplate, the Carpet Pro CPU-2 uses metal for both part increasing durability and preventing a broken brush roll or baseplate. The brushroll is sealed off with rubber end caps preventing hair and debris from getting caught in the brushroll and melting either the side wall of the machine or the brushroll; a problem commonly found many other vacuum cleaners. The Carpet Pro CPU-2's brushroll uses Commercial-Grade Stiff Gold Bristles designed for use on commercial grade Olefin carpeting. The brushes can be changed for other carpet applications. The Carpet Pro CPU-2 has a hose inlet located at the back of the machine allowing the user to insert an optional hose and tools if ever necessary. The Carpet Pro CPU-2 uses a commercial grade 40-foot cord so you can plug in once and clean an entire floor in many cases! The cord is heavy duty and yellow so the user is aware of the cord at all times. To prevent you from spending time unravelling the cord, the Carpet Pro CPU-2 has a Quick Cord Release located on the cord hook. This allows for simple hassle-free cord removal. Since the handle takes a lot of stress when used the Carpet Pro CPU-2 has a metal handle for increased durability. The User has to be comfortable while using the machine which is why the handle has been fitted with foam for comfort. The Foam also prevents slippage while the machine is in use. The Built-In Furniture Guard helps protect furniture and walls if the this vacuum were to ever bump into walls or furniture.
Left: CPU2T Carpet Pro Commercial pictured w/ tools
Carpet Pro CPU-1T Heavy Duty Household upright
  • The CPU1 has no tool "hangers" and cannot be adapted to accept tools on board.
  • CPU2T is the same machine with tools on board. 
  • ​Metal Brushroll Sealed Off with Rubber End Caps and Metal Base Plate For Increased Durability
  • The Brushroll Uses Commercial-Grade Stiff Gold Bristles to Ensure you are Getting the Most Dirt out of your Rugs as Possible
  • Commercial-Grade Yellow 40-Foot Cord for a Large Operating Radius
  • Metal Handle with a Foam Grip Handle - The Foam Prevents Slippage and the Metal Increases Durability
  • Hose Inlet At the Back of the Machine - Allowing the User to Insert an Optional Hose and Tools if Ever Necessary
Carpet Pro Light CPULW: $349.95
Carpet Pro Commercial 8 Pound Upright. No headlight. No frills. Lightweight and powerful.
The Carpet Pro Light features a two speed switch, with settings right at your fingertips. This model is equipped with a rubber squeegee to improve bare floor cleaning and a durable metal handle. This machine is easy to push and easy to carry. The 35' 3 wire commercial cord is durable and long enough to vacuum 1000 square feet with replugging.