Unique Septic Field Rejuvenator
Available in: 32 oz.Concentrate @ $29.95
Septic Field Rejuvenator will restore completely clogged septic systems. It could save you over $5,000!  Use this green, natural, product to restore even the most clogged-up and backed-up septic systems!

Septic Field Rejuvenator is specifically designed to rescue completely clogged-up and backed-up septic fields. Before you spend $5,000 or more to dig up and replace your system, use one bottle of Septic Field Rejuvenator and save yourself a bundle! It's very likely that you don't need to replace your system at all! This ultra-concentrated septic saver has the highest number of bacteria available on the market making it stronger than any other septic product available.

Carpet Shampoo
32 oz. Concentrate @ $19.95
Gallon Concentrate @ $59.95
Carpet Shampoo is ultra-concentrated and will remove stains and odors safely and naturally. It can be used in carpet cleaning machines or as a spot remover. 

Carpet Shampoo is your green, natural, and effect solution to carpet cleaning. This highly effective organic product can be used as a spot remover or in a carpet hot water extractor to completely eliminate large stains and odors. This safe carpet cleaner will completely clean your carpets without leaving sticky residue behind like soap-based carpet cleaners do. Going green doesn't mean you have to settle for a less powerful product. All of Unique's products are extremely effective, safe and inexpensive. We guarantee that you'll love this product or you get your money back! Green cleaning has never been more effective!
19 OZ
CRAZY CLEAN is a fantastic all purpose cleaner.  It's foaming action works quickly and is safe to use on most surfaces. Crazy Clean removes grease and grime instantly.  It works great on windows, appliances, carpets, auto interiors, counter tops, kitchen cabinets, door knobs, aluminum window and door frames, sinks and bathroom fixtures. Let us know when you find an interesting application!
How to clean Stainless Steel: Crazy Clean is the correct product for cleaning stainless steel appliances. It removes grease splatter quicker and easier.
To preserve the stainless steel finish and prolong cleaning intervals, apply Bee's Wax. Bee's Wax lays down a protective coating sealer that enables you to wipe clean the surface with only a damp sponge or cleaning cloth, without using additional applications of cleaner.
Unique Wine Stain Eater Ready To Use 4 oz. Travel $6.95
Wine Stain Eater removes red wine stains in seconds. Keep it in your purse or car to clean up life's little messes!  Use this green, natural, product to effectively eliminate red wine stains and more in seconds!

Wine Stain Eater is a safe, natural and effective way to immediately get rid of red wine stains. This green, organic, product will remove stains and odors from red wine, coffee, soda, food, grease, kool aid, juice and more! It is your non-toxic solution to removing stains from carpet, furniture, upholstery, hardwood, clothing, concrete, or anything that water won't damage. Use Wine Stain Eater and you'll see your stains and odors begin to disappear immediately! Plus, the handy 4 oz. size makes it easy to keep with you at all times so you can clean up the little messes that life throws at you! Green cleaning has never been more effective!
Unique Complete Odor and Stain Eater
32 oz. Concentrate @ $29.95
24 oz. Ready To Use @ $16.95
4 oz. Travel Size @ $7.95
Unique Enzyme Complete Odor and Stain Eater is your universal solution to home stain and odor removal. Use this green, natural, product to effectively eliminate all of your stains and odors! Similar to Pet formula, labeled for general use.

Unique Complete Odor and Stain Eater is a safe, green, all natural cleaning product designed to effectively remove all of your home stains and odors. Unique Complete Odor and Stain Eater is guaranteed to remove stains and odors from: athletic equipment, pets, food, coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, water stains, grease, vomit, blood, grass stains and more! Green cleaning has never been more effective!
Unique Skunk Odor Eliminator
Available in: Concentrate (32 oz.) @ $29.95 USD

Unique Skunk Odor Eliminator will naturally eliminate skunk odors from your family, pets and property.  Use this green, natural, product to safely and effectively remove skunk odors.

Skunk Odor Eliminator is a completely safe and effective deodorizer and cleaner that can be sprayed directly on your pets, furniture, house and even your family members to completely eliminate skunk odors without fear of harm. If you live in rural areas you know what a problem this can be! Finally there is a guaranteed solution that is completely safe!
Unique Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener
32 oz. Quart Concentrate @ $24.95
Gallon Concentrate @ $69.95
Super Digest-It is the only safe drain cleaner that guarantees to open completely stopped drains. If used as a weekly maintainer, you'll never have backed up drains again. Plus it's safe for you garbage disposal, toilets and septic systems!  Use this green, natural, product and your drains will run like they're brand new!

Super Digest-It is an effective and safe drain cleaner and opener. This all-natural, green, drain opener will unclog most drains overnight without using any harsh chemicals that could injure your family or the environment. If used as a drain maintainer you'll have perfectly running drains without any hassle. You can use this safe drain opener in your garbage disposals, bathtubs and toilets without fear of damaging your plumbing. This concentrated, bacterial, cleaner is safe enough for your home but strong enough for the toughest jobs, making it ideal not only at home, but also for commercial use. Unique Super Digest-It is a guaranteed, effective, safe and organic drain cleaning product. Perfect for hotels, motels, restaurants, apartments, condos, and your home!
Unique Marine Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment
Available in: Concentrate (32 oz.) @ $24.95
Marine Digest-It is guaranteed to make pump-outs a breeze by liquifying everything in your gray and black holding tanks, including household toilet paper. It's also a tough deodorizer for bilge areas.  Use this green, natural, product to turn everything in your holding tanks to liquid so you'll never have odors or back-ups again!

Marine Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment is a green product that packs a powerful punch. Using billions of healthy bacteria, Marine Digest-It will turn everything in your holding tanks into liquid, including household toilet paper! This inexpensive and effective natural cleaning product completely eliminates odors and clogs in your boats holding tanks and make pump-outs a breeze! It is also a great solution for ridding your bilge area of odors. If you're earth conscious, you'll never have to sweat about putting harsh chemicals in your tank again. Every ingredient in Marine Digest-It is safe for humans, animals and the environment. You'll love this product, we guarantee it!
Napa Sew & Vac carries popular Bona Floor care products at competive prices. Most items are "on hand" so you can get them when you need them.

General Clean-Up: $29.95
The Last All Purpose Cleaner You'll Ever Buy!
Of course there are plenty of cleaning products out there--but only one does so many things so well...
A Single Bottle of The World's Best All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner Handles Just About Every Cleaning Mess You Can Think Of--From the Greasiest Shop Floor "Crud" to the Nastiest Mildewed Bathroom and Worst Pet Stained Carpets--Yet it's Delicate Enough to Make Even Fine Gold or Silver Jewelry Sparkle Like New!. At Just 94 Cents a Bottle the World's Best 
All Purpose Cleaner is Cheaper than Water! 

  • Restores lost luster to fiberglass, Plexiglas, acrylic, vinyl, wood and painted surfaces
  • Removes tough, ugly stains from clothing, upholstery and carpets
  • Eliminates mildew forever from bathrooms, kitchens, basements, home siding and other problem areas of your home or business
  • Supercharges your existing laundry detergent for cleaner clothing every load
  • Produces sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors and tile work in less time
  • Removes salt stains and ground in dirt from brick, concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Gives your car's upholstery that "new car" look and smell
  • Cleans aluminum, chrome, stainless and other metal surfaces
  • Inhibits oxidation on metal surfaces
  • Quickly removes road tar from your car, truck, RV or motorcycle without using smelly solvents
Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator
Available in:
  • Concentrate 4 oz. @ $7.95
  • Concentrate 32 oz. @ $29.95
  • Ready To Use (24 oz.) @ $16.95
  • Concentrate Gallon @ $69.95
    An Enzyme Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator will completely eliminate pet stains and odors naturally!  Use this green, natural, product to effectively eliminate all of your pet stains and odors!
    We Tackle Tinkle! Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator is a green cleaning product that will eliminate all of your pet stains and odors naturally. Safe to use on carpet, furniture, upholstery, hardwood floors, clothing, kennels, trailers, barns, dirt and concrete to remove stains and odors from urine, vomit, feces, blood and more! Just because it's green doesn't mean it has to be expensive or watered down. Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator is guaranteed to remove pet related stains and odors or you get your money back! Green cleaning has never been more effective!

More information on how enzyme cleaners work.
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The Original Bee's Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish!
$14.95 (Read Label)

We sell multi-packs of this product because once you try this product for the first time, you are going to want to buy multiple units of it on your next order!! Here is why . . . 

This product is simply amazing!! Use it on WOOD, LEATHER, MARBLE, GRANITE, WROUGHT IRON, STAINLESS STEEL, GLASS AND MIRRORS! It leaves no fingerprints, has no wax buildup over time and requires NO BUFFING!

Tired of your bathroom MIRRORS fogging up? How about your automobile windshield GLASS? This product makes glass seem invisible and prevents fogging and is an excellent glass and mirror cleaner. It is also anti-static and actually repels dust so surface stays cleaner longer.

This product makes GRANITE, MARBLE, CORIAN and SILESTONE acid resistant to protect from spills of acidic liquids such as coffee, orange juice, etc and is FOOD SAFE for countertops. It is never greasy.

When used to clean and polish STAINLESS STEEL, it works beautifully and won't fingerprint. It also cleans all other metals like Copper, brass, silver, etc.

When used on your shower doors and tile walls, it prevents soap scum buildup and the surfaces stay vibrant.

It also cleans, moisturizes and restores vibrant color to leather furniture, car seats, shoes, purses, etc. with no greasy feel.

It restores the natural beauty of wood furniture, prevents dryness, won't fingerprint, NEVER leaves a wax buildup and requires NO BUFFING.

This company has been in business since 1974. This product has been featured in New York Social Diary, The Fabricator and The Antiques Roadshow and named the best furniture polish by House Beautiful.
Leak Fix: Rubber coating Sealant 14oz (Black)
$5.95 per can
Leak Fix is an easy to use rubber coating sealant that coats seals and protects against water leaks. When sprayed onto a surface the rubberized liquid seeps into cracks and holes to stop leaks fast. One can of Leak Fix can treat 2-8 square feet depending on the coating thickness needed. Once dry the area sprayed can be painted any color. Leak Fix forms a watertight flexible coating that will not drip crack peel or sag for years. Leak Fix can be top-coated with latex or oil based paints.
Enzyme Cleaners require: Water, Food (the urine stain), and Bacteria. 

The Ready to Use formula has Water, and Bacteria only so to activate it needs something to eat. It takes longer to work on stains but is ready to go, which customers like.

The concentrate is made up of Bacteria and Food so it activates when mixing with water, with or without a stain. It's faster at breaking down stains, especially if warm water is used, yet requires the customer to mix with water before use.

Note: This formula is useful for incontinence, treatment for upholstered furniture, beds, drapes, walls and woodwork.
How to Remove Cat Urine: Why an Enzyme Cleaner must be used.
     - Written by Laurie Goldstein, November 2011

Recommendations for home-made formulas to clean cat urine stains are widely circulated on the Internet, and typically include some combination of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Of course, many people unfamiliar with the problem of cleaning cat urine stains simply try to clean up cat pee as they would any other stain, only to find out later it didn’t work. In fact, using traditional household cleaners on cat urine actually “sets” the stain. This makes the stain even more difficult to remove with proper enzyme cleaners.

There is a strong, legitimate, and chemically important reason to use an enzyme cleaner to clean cat urine stains. Home-made mixtures or typical household cleaners simply do not contain the required ingredients to remove ALL the components of cat urine. Vinegar and baking soda work to neutralize the odor temporarily, and hydrogen peroxide is 30% more oxidizing than chlorine. But cat urine is composed of things that REQUIRE enzymes to break down the chemical bonds.

Cat urine is composed of:
• Urea
• Urobilin/Urobilinogin
• Uric Acid
• Sodium
• Other electrolytes
• Creatinine
• Pheromones
• Bacteria – typically 5 different strains.

When cat urine dries, the urea is broken down by the bacteria. This is what makes it smell like ammonia. As it decomposes further, it releases thiols that make the odor worse. (It is the thiols in skunk spray that make it SO potent and difficult to remove).

The urea and urobilin/urobilinogin are not hard to clean. Urea, urobilin/urobilinogin, creatinine and the pheromones are water soluble (urobilin is the pigment that causes the color). Traditional household or carpet cleaners will deal with these, and this is why hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and/or baking soda also appear (initially) to be effective at eliminating the problem. But the problem has not been solved! Uric acid and its salts have been left behind. Uric acid is not water soluble and bonds tightly to whatever surface it touches.
Due to the uric acid component of cat urine, cat pee has a half-life of six years.

This is why it is absolutely essential to use a cleaner that can break down the uric acid. Soap, vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide (to name the most common cleaners) simply are not chemically capable of breaking down the uric acid in cat pee. These cleaners and deodorizers only temporarily make the smell go away and appear to work because they do clean up the other components of the cat urine. But when exposed to humidity, the uric acid salts cause the uric acid crystals to reform. This process releases the smell again; not always at levels detectable to the human nose, but the cats’ more sensitive noses can smell it. And the scent of their urine outside of the litter box encourages many cats to continue urinating outside of the box, often with their families left scratching their heads wondering why.

The only thing that will break down the uric acid to permanently remove the smell is an enzyme cleaner. The enzymes break down uric acid into carbon dioxide and ammonia, both gasses that then easily evaporate. This is why it is also essential to allow the enzyme cleaner to air dry. It needs the “natural” drying time to break down the uric acid salts, allowing the resulting gases to evaporate.

Not all enzyme cleaners are equally effective. Good enzyme cleaners are typically a bit more expensive. Cheap ones will work, but need to be reapplied over and over (and probably end up costing as much as the more expensive enzyme cleaners). Enzyme cleaners this author is aware of that work well and reliably include Nok Out, Urine Off, and Anti-Icky Poo.

Of course any cleaner needs to be used properly. Most enzyme cleaners come in a spray bottle. This is deceptive, because just spraying a light layer of enzyme cleaner over a urine stain will not result in complete cleaning of that spot. Cat pee wicks, and unless the enzyme cleaner completely envelopes all of the cat pee, even it won’t work. “Spraying” doesn’t work. Dousing, pouring, and soaking are required when cleaning up cat urine.

To properly use an enzyme cleaner on a fresh stain:
1. Blot up as much of the urine as you can before applying anything.
2. Soak the affected area with the enzyme cleaner.
3. Let the enzyme cleaner sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
4. Blot up as much of the enzyme cleaner as possible.
5. Leave the enzyme cleaner to air dry.

Covering the area loosely with something is always a good idea. This will not only help prevent the cat from attempting to pee on the same spot while the enzyme cleaner does its work; it will stop family members from stepping or sitting on the wet spot. Some people lay aluminum foil down over the area; other recommendations include an upside down laundry basket or an aluminum baking sheet.

The same basic procedures apply for an old stain. But be aware that an old stain may require two or three full cycles of enzyme cleaner application (allowing it to completely dry between applications) in order to completely clean the stain.

Cushions and mattresses can be cleaned! Soak the affected area of the cushion. As mentioned earlier, cat pee wicks, and you must get the enzyme cleaner to wick to all of the same places the cat pee did or it won’t work. If possible, take the cushion outside, blot up as much of the cat urine as possible, then soak the cushion by very slowly pouring the enzyme cleaner on/around the affected area, giving it time to really soak through the cushion. Let it sit for 15 minutes then squish out as much of the excess enzyme cleaner as possible. Finally, blot up what you can (with a lot of towels). If sunny, leave the cushion outside as long as possible while it dries. To continue using your couch for the days it will take your cushion to completely dry, lay aluminum foil down over the couch, put the cushion down, put another layer of aluminum foil over the top of the cushion, and a throw blanket on that. When you’re done for the day, remove the throw blanket leaving the aluminum foil behind to discourage kitty from peeing on it while it completes the drying process. When dry, the smell of cat pee will no longer tempt kitty to pee on the couch.

To treat a mattress, use essentially the same process as for the couch cushion (you don’t need to remove the mattress from the bed!). Slowly pour the enzyme cleaner on/around the affected area, ensuring it has the chance to really soak in thoroughly. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then blot up what you can with a lot of towels. Place several layers of clean towels over the area, and then make the bed. Just swap out those clean towels each day (if done properly it will take days to dry). To discourage peeing on the spot while the mattress dries, cover the bed with a large plastic sheet or tarp when you’re not using it, or take a large box, cut it down, and lay it over the top of the bed when you’re not using it.

Thick cushions and mattresses may require several applications to completely remove the cat urine. The thickness is the issue, and getting the enzyme cleaner to all the same spots the cat pee went is more difficult on the thick things. But rest assured, your couch or your mattress is not ruined if your cat pees on it. You will be able to clean it!