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Scout RX1
  • Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Smart Navigation
  • Non-stop Power
  • Triple Cleaning
  • 4 Cleaning Modes
  • Remote Control
  • Recommended for quick pickups and for in between use of your full-size Miele upright or canister
  • Product DetailsDownloads
  • Product Information
  • Series Scout RX1 Height 3.46 in. Color Obsidian Black Item Number 41JQL005USA
  • Performance
  • Motor 22 W Dustbin capacity 22 oz.
  • Control Type
  • Convenient Remote Control • Touch Controls •
  • Accessories Included
  • Charging Station • Remote Control • Side brushes • AirClean filter • Magnetic Strips • Lithium-ion battery •
  • Additional Features
  • Turbo Brush roller • Smart Navigation • Triple Cleaning System • Non-Stop Power • Furniture Protection System • Auto Mode • Spot Mode • Corner Mode • Turbo Mode • Manual Navigation • Timer • 
  • Warranty
  • 1-Year Warranty on Lithium-ion battery • 2-Year Warranty on all other components
Scout RX1 Red Robot Vacuum @ $599
  • Smart Navigation
  • Non-stop Power
  • Improved Triple Cleaning System with 34% improved dust pick-up
  • 4 Cleaning Modes
  • Remote Control
  • Recommended for surface litter. Useful for intermittent light cleaning to maintain a high appearance level.

Say hello to your new housekeeper: the innovative Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum. Thanks to Miele's sophisticated indoor positioning system, this innovative machine will custom-clean to your precise specifications. Just let it know what you want cleaned and how you want the job done, then sit back and let the Scout vacuum your entire home with bag-less, high-energy efficiency. Ideal for hard surfaces and light carpet cleaning.
  • Uses a special gyro sensor and ceiling camera to detect its exact position in a room with consistent accuracy and precision, enabling it to avoid obstructions
  • Choose from four preprogrammed cleaning modes (Automatic, Spot, Corner and Turbo) or use the remote control for manual use.
  • The Scout's Triple Cleaning System features two front brushes with extra-long fibers, a turbo brush and an efficient suction system.
  • Airclean filtration keeps ambient air clean.
  • Climb Mode allows the vacuum to cross thresholds, moving from flat to carpeted floors.
  • Furniture protection technology enlists the help of 7 IR sensors to limit the Scout's contact with home furnishings; durable rubber bumpers provide extra safeguards.