Portable infrared space heaters
Heatstone 1500 Oak Infrared Electric Space Heater: $249
Heat your home in style with a New Infrared electric space heater. Features oak wood finish. Heats Up to 1000 Square Feet using 6 Infrared Heating Tubes positioned inside 3 Copper Cylinders​. Consumes​ 35% less energy than a conventional electric furnace or baseboard system. 3 yr wty. Free delivery! Satisfaction guaranteed.

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SALE PRICE: $249 (Black or White)
Misting Fan by SUNHEAT is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot season with many beneficial features. Dry Environments can lead to dehydration and accelerated aging, but the CoolZone misting function uses ultrasonic high frequency oscillation principles to atomize the water into 1-5 micron ultra fine particles, then diffuses water into the air, leaving you cool and refreshed, but not feeling wet. For an even cooler breeze, simply add the included frozen polar packs. Sterilize your air by using the anion function, which utilizes a pulse and a high oscillation circuit to produce corona and oxygen molecules. If using indoors, electronic thermal sensors detect the temperature and display it for easier use. When outdoors, use the Mosquito repellent to keep disease carrying pests away. Use Bluetooth technology along with built-in speakers to create the perfect environment anywhere. Wheels on the unit make it simple to transport between rooms or move from outside to inside throughout the season. A remote control is included for convenient and easy use.
Industry Leading Features:
  • Three Fan Speeds
  • Oscillating and Tilt Fan
  • 18” Fan Blade
  • Anion Ionizer
  • Sleep Mode
  • Mosquito Repellent (outdoor use
  • Dry Mist
  • Aromatherapy Dispenser (just add scented oil!)
  • Remote Control
  • Wheels
  • Built-in Speakers with Bluetooth
White or Black @ $249
PHSQGH-TT Patio Heater Table Top Square Golden Hammer Finish
Sale Price: $179.00
Contemporary Square Design Portable Table Top Heater with Decorative Variable Flame. The Original SUNHEAT table top patio heater features a contemporary square design and a decorative variable flame to heat up any outdoor gathering. The unique pyramid shape provides functionality and style that will warm and accentuate your patio or deck. The enchanting flame will safely light up the night as it dances inside a glass tube. The 8.5 inch triangle reflector hood evenly spreads the 11,000 BTU’s of heat across your outdoor space, up to 5 foot in diameter. You can adjust the flame and the heat output by simply turning the temperature control knob which is located behind the front panel. The push button ignition system makes this unit simple and safe to operate. It will run up to 3 hours on the highest setting. The PHSQSS-TT model comes with a one year warranty. Whether it’s a family gathering or a business party The Original SUNHEAT Tabel Top patio heater will add warmth and style to any occasion.
•Contemporary Square Design Patio Heater with Decorative Variable Flame
•Golden Hammered
  • 11,000 BTUs
  • Metal Frame - Golden Hammered Finish with Square Aluminum Reflector Hood
  • 360º View of Decorative Variable Flame
  • Push Button Ignition System
  • Adjustable Temperature Control Knob Thermocouple & Anti-tilt Safety Device
  • Heats Up to 5ft. in Diameter Up to 3 Hours Burn Time
  • Uses 1 lb. Propane Tank (not included)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  •  Specifications: Height 34” - Reflector 8.5” - Base 10” Carton Size: 10.5” x 11” x 35” Net Weight: 15 lbs. (without tank) MSRP: $299
The Thermal Wave SH1500LCD SRS
The all new Original SUNHEAT electric portable infrared heater with remote control, liquid crystal display and Made in USA cabinetry provides safe, soft, comfortable warmth for any area. The SUNHEAT SH-1500LCD has a 5 year warranty. It will heat up to 1,000 sq. ft. on HI or 800 sq. ft. on LO. The new ECO feature allows the heater to maintain a temperature of 68°F using the least amount of electricity the heater deems possible, saving more energy and money than ever. The crystal clear display makes for easy temperature viewing from anywhere in the room. The display reads “Heating Up” when the elements are on. Once the desired heat setting has been reached, the heater will cycle off and on as needed to maintain the temperature setting. The display screen reads “Cooling Down” when the elements turn off. The Original SUNHEAT produces six minutes of free heat each cycle, when the heat stored in the copper cylinders is blown out into the room. The industry leading 24 oz. of copper offers unsurpassed storage capacity for the infrared heat which is produced by six commercial grade quartz tubes. These core elements, combined with a high velocity fan and a lifetime washable filter, produce a heat output equaling your room temperature plus 120˚F. This highly efficient output allows the infrared heat to be absorbed by the moisture in the air as it's pulled through the heat chamber. The heated air then flows out of the heater and transfers soft infrared warmth to the people and objects in the room. The result is comfortable even heat blanketing your area, floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The beautiful all wood USA cabinet, available in five decorator colors, stays cool to the touch and features a solid hardwood top with a stain, scratch and dent resistant finish. SUNHEAT heaters cannot start a fire and are renowned to be extremely reliable, but best of all will slash your heating costs!
  • Six 250 watt quartz infrared heat tubes. Heat output of room temperature plus 120°F (room temp 72° + 120° heat differential = 192°F output on HI
  • Made in USA Cabinetry is assembled by hand with a solid hardwood top featuring a tain, scratch and dent resistent finish
  • 24 oz. of cured copper provides a large heat sink and produces six minutes of free heat each heating cycle. Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Three heat settings (High, Low & Eco) for maximum efficiency, timer can be set in hourly increments (0-8 hrs.) to control time of operation
  • Crystal clear LCD display houses a digital thermostat which can be adjusted on the unit or with a sleek remote control
  • Proprietary 7 foot long, flat 12 AWG grounded power cord with appliance grade plug, standard 110 Volt home outlet, no installation or assembly required,uses stable, economical and efficient electric power
  • Equipped with last setting memory; unit will restart to your comfort setting after power outage and is generator compatible
Thermal Wave by SUNHEAT TW1500 - Cherry
Retail Price: $329.00
The Thermal Wave 1500 watt electric portable infrared heater by SUNHEAT is designed for those looking for a quality heater at an affordable price. The TW1500 model is housed in an elegant all wood cabinet featuring a rich and modern cherry stain. Thermal Wave infrared heaters provide comfortable and economical heat for any area of your home. This practical and stylish heater has two heat settings, a remote control, and a digital thermostat with LED display and temperature control. Designed to be a safe and supplemental heat source, it will effectively heat up to 1,000 sq. ft. with soft infrared heat. Thermal Wave heaters emit no harmful emissions, cannot start a fire and are safe around children and pets. It comes equipped with heavy duty rubber casters allowing you to easily roll it from room to room. This reliable heater carries a three (3) year parts and labor warranty.
  • Six 250 watt quartz infrared heat tubes produce a safe, soft, comfortable heat output of room temperature plus 120˚F (room temp 72˚ + 120˚ heat differential = 192˚ heat output on HI setting)
  • All wood cabinet with rich and modern cherry stain
  • Thermostatically controlled to conserve energy and maintain your comfort setting; set it and forget it
  • Whisper quite high velocity fan and lifetime washable filter
  • Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft., perfect for basements, living rooms, bedrooms; any space in your home or office, allowing you to turn down the furnace and save money
  • 6 foot long grounded 14 AWG power cord; no installation required, plugs into any standard 110v outlet
  • Equipped with heavy duty casters to easily move from room to room
  • Dimensions: 14.25"x12.75"x17.75", 41 lbs.

Heatstone 1500 Space Heater
  • Quality Components
  • Quiet Operation
  • Honeywell Thermostat
  • 1500 watts
  • 6 Infrared Heating Tubes
  • Oak Colored Furniture Grade Cabinet
  • 4 Heavy Duty Casters for easy moving
  • *19x13x18
  • Washable filter 
  • Easy and Safe to Operate
  • Front On/Off Switch
  • Internal Safety Switch
  • 6 Ft, 3-Wire, 12 AWG Cord
  • 3 yr mfg wty.
  • Also great for workshops, garages,anywhere you can use some heat!
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Heatstone Space Heater
Features oak wood finish. Heats Up to 1000 Square Feet using 6 Infrared Heating Tubes.
Heatstone Infrared Space Heater
Heat your home in style with a New Infrared electric space heater. Heats Up to 1000 Square Feet using 6 Infrared Heating Tubes positioned inside 3 Copper Cylinders​. Features oak wood finish and​ consumes​ 35% less energy than a conventional electric furnace or baseboard system. Free delivery! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Features: Quality Components, Quiet Operation, Honeywell Thermostat, 1500 watts, 6 Infrared Heating Tubes, Oak Colored Furniture Grade Cabinet, 4 Heavy Duty Casters for easy moving, *19x13x18, Washable filter, Easy and Safe to Operate, Front On/Off Switch, Internal Safety Switch, 6 Ft, 3-Wire, 12 AWG Cord and a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Also great for workshops, garages,anywhere you can use some heat! I use the Heatstone to heat my mobile home's living room. It directs heat to where I need it most. It keeps the room warm and cozy. Work great during these chilly winter nights!
Consumes 35% less energy than an electric furnace or base board system!
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