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Horizontal Rotary Even Foot
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For use with all sewing machines, the rotary foot is effective for preventing stretchy fabrics, jersey and knitted fabrics and hard to feed materials, like leather or vinyl from slipping or puckering. The foot also allows left-right tilt and its caterpillars independently grip the fabric for perfect feeding along areas where there is a height difference between the left and right sides of the needle especially when hemming thicker fabrics.It comes with: blind Hem attachment, Bias Tap attachment, Wide rolled hem attachments
Convertible Even Feed
Foot Set - Horizontal Rotary
Janome's Convertible Even Feed Foot Set with convenient features especially for quilters. The set includes everything you need for gorgeous quilting: an Even Feed Foot with Closed Toe, Convertible Open Toe Foot for extra visibility, Ditch Quilting Guide, and Adjustable Quilting Guide. The new construction of these feet make it easier than ever to set up for all kinds of quilting tasks!
Even Feed Foot Horizontal Rotary
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The Even Feed Foot, sometimes referred to as the walking foot, is designed with a set of feed dogs which allow the fabric to feed without shirting and eliminates the problem of the under layer of fabric coming up short. The even feed foot is also great for topstitching, which can be spoilt due to irregularity of stitching. This is often caused by the bulk created with the seam allowance especially around collars and reveres. using the walking foot for topstitching will eliminate this problem and give perfect stitching every time.

Open Toe Even Feet Foot w/ Quilting Guide Horizontal Rotary
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Flower Stitch Attachment
202261003 Fits all models
The highly popular Flower Stitch Attachment has returned and is now available in a blister pack! Even when using sewing machines without a large number of stitches, this attachment will allow you to produce unique and pretty flower designs and also eyelets with ease.

Simply change the size of the circle and the stitch width and you can sew many kinds of flowers. Moreover, by combining different types of flowers, you can create your own unique designs.
3-way Cording Foot Horizontal Rotary
The 3-way Cording foot will hold one, two or three fine cords or threads. Because they are attached to the foot, the required design can be easily followed and the cords are perfectly places. A variety of utility or decorative stitch can be sewn over the cords to couch them onto base fabrics. The choice of cord, thread, and stitch are all contributory factors to the final effect.
Binder Foot Horizontal Rotary
The binder foot is used to apply pre-folded bias binding tape or bias tape you have cut yourself to the edge of fabric in one easy step. It is equipped with a small funnel to fold and guide the binding over the fabric edge before it reaches the needle and can be used with either zigzag or decorative stitches as well as straight stitch
UltraGlide Foot 9mm (Horizon)
The ultraglide foot is molded from a special resin allowing easier sewing of fabrics that may otherwise stick to the standard metal foot such as ultra sude, faux leather and plastic

UltraGlide Foot Horizontal Rotary
Janome Horizontal Rotary Beading Foot
The Sew4Home team featured Janome's Beading Presser Feet as one of their favorite accessories. They mention that beads are a wonderful embellishment and that they add dimension and texture to pretty much anything. As wedding and prom season are upon us, the Janome Beading Feet is the perfect accessory to add pearls and rhinestones to those beautiful ball gowns and cocktail dresses that you are making for a relative, friend or even yourself!

The Janome Beading Feet come in two sizes; a 2.5mm to 4mm along with one that is less than 2mm. They are available in both the 5mm-7mm presser foot size as well as the 9mm size. You can use pearls, flat glass beads and other jewels with the beading feet.
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