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Tera 40 Tex 75 440 yds Upholstery Thread

Excellent thread for outside sewing application such as boat covers, banners or flags. Also good for use on leather or carpet. 100% Polyester. Has the strength of #69 Bonded Nylon but is 100% polyester. High breaking strength and good abrasion resistance. Heat resistant finish, great for seams that are exposed to mechanical or thermal stress.
We have a complete selection of colors: Black, White, Tan, Red, Sand and Brown.
Tex 70 375 yds Nylon Bonded Thread

Ultra strong nylon thread for leather or canvas goods like shoes luggage or tents. Ultra strong nylon thread for leather or canvas goods like shoes luggage or tents. Break resistant, Super strong, Great for sewing tents, leather, shoes and luggage
Available in a variety of colors: Dark Green, Dark Brown, Gabardine, Gold, Grey, Dark Grey, Beige, Black and Light Sandalwood.
Tex 104 50 yds Button & Carpet Thread Dual Duty S920
Coats Dual Duty Button Thread is a heavy thread designed for hand sewing where extra strength is required such as when sewing on buttons. Coats B... more
Ideal for buttons and carpets
Glace finish to prevent tangling and abrasion
Can also be used for coats and bindings on rugs
Available in a Black, Dogwood and White.
Mettler 9146 - Cordonnet Button and Carpet Thread - 55yds
$3.10 ea.
This heavier weight spun 100% polyester thread is used for making decorative seams, sewing on buttons and curtain rings. It is also great for top stitching & sewing applications requiring a little extra strength. Needle Size: 80/12 or 90/14. 55 yards per spool. We stock 30 colors.
Bonded Nylon is the popular choice to use when stitching upholstery, leather, vinyl, heavy fabrics and more. Superior's Bonded Nylon is Nylon 6,6 (sometimes referred to as Nylon 66) which is stronger and has a higher heat tolerance than regular Nylon threads. The bonding agent which coats the Nylon 6,6 fibers give this thread added strength and reduces friction at the needle resulting in smooth stitches. Our bonded nylon is a final Z twist.

Thickness                Yards / Diameter        Strength - Available Colors
Bonded Nylon #46/2-ply         4,375 yds..0094"                       8 lbs.                   16 colors
Bonded Nylon #69/3-ply         6,015 yds..0115"                       11 lbs.                  37 colors
Bonded Nylon #92/3-ply         4,484 yds..01333"                     15 lbs.                  37 colors
Bonded Nylon #138/3-ply       2,953 yds..0163"                       22 lbs.                  12 colors
Bonded Nylon #207/3-ply       1,925 yds..02"                           32 lbs.                  12 colors
Bonded Nylon #277/3-ply       1,422 yds..0231"                       45 lbs.                  16 colors
Bonded Nylon #346/3-ply       1,200 yds..026"                        53 lbs.                    3 colors

Solar Guard is a bonded polyester which is primarily used in upholstery and furnishings that will be subject to UV rays or sunshine. Solar Guard is UV fade resistant. Ideal for stitching outdoor furnishings, sails, convertible automobiles, awnings, and more. Solar Guard is a Z twist thread.

Thickness                Yards / Diameter        Strength - Available Colors
Bonded Poly #69/3-ply           6,343 yds..0115"       1                   1 lbs.             37 colors
Bonded Poly #92/3-ply           5,304 yds..01333"                        15 lbs.             38 colors
Bonded Poly #138/3-ply         3,117 yds..0163"                           21 lbs.             18 colors
Bonded Poly #207/3-ply         2,045 yds..02"                               31 lbs.             18 colors
Bonded Poly #277/3-ply         1,498 yds..0231"                           44 lbs.             18 colors
Bonded Poly #346/3-ply         1,200 yds..0258"                           53 lbs.               3 colors

SewGlow™ is an incredible, bonded glow-in-the-dark thread created for upholstery and heavy-duty stitching applications. SewGlow is patent-pending and made from a special blend of polyester fibers and sealed with a bonding agent for added strength and durability. SewGlow is a Tex 240 (comparable to a #207 or #277 thread) and available in either a 100 yd. mini cone or 250 yd. cone.
Recommended Needle Sizes
Thickness Home Machine Needle / Commercial Machine Needle
Thread Size                   Needle Size
        #46                             Topstitch #90/14#90/14 to #100/16
        #69                             Topstitch #100/16#100/16 to #110/18
        #92                             #110/18 to #125/20
        #138                           #125/20 to #140/22
        #207                           #140/22 to #180/24
        #277                           #180/24 to #230/26
        #346                           #230/26 to #280/28
Thread Special- White only
#002 White - Bonded Nylon Thread size #92 (1 Pound Approx. 4,484 Yds)
  - Bonded Nylon Color Card
Made with the actual thread. Sold at our cost.
Mettler Silk Finish Cotton size 50 Mercerized Cotton:
  • Mettler (9105) Cotton 164 yds: $3.10 ea.
  • Mettler (9104) Cotton 547 yds: $7.10 ea.
  • Mettler (9075) Multi Color Cotton 109 yds: $3.00 ea.
  • Mettler (9085) Multi Color Cotton 500 yds: $6.90 ea.
Mettler (9146) Cordonnet Button/Carpet 100% Polyester 30 wt/ 55 yds: $3.10

We believe in cotton thread for good reasons. You will save on sewing machine repairs and realize multiple benefits from using purely organic natural fibers. Swiss Mettler is your best choice.

NS&V offers a complete assortment of Mettler cotton sewing thread. Mettler mercerized cotton thread does not stretch or shrink. We recommend Mettler cotton thread for all fabrics. Cotton is soft, strong and will produce quality long lasting seams. Eliminate thread related repair problems and enjoy using a naturally beautiful organic thread. Cotton is best for machine embroidery and is available in dozens of vibrant colors!

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