Premium Classic Lambswool Dusters
"The Wool Shop"
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Wool Shop "Classic" Dusters are made of premium-
tipped lambswool that act as a magnet to naturally 
attract and hold dust particles without the use of 
cleaning chemicals. The dusters comes complete 
with a solid hardwood handle for added strength 
and natural appeal. The hand-tied leather hang strap 
with an attractive hang tag provides a unique visual 
merchandising technique for retail display. The natural 
look of wool and wood makes our Classic Duster an enticing 
choice for our customers, thoughtfully made in a myriad of 

Easy to Clean: To remove the dust twirl handle between your hands to fluff. If wool becomes matted, comb and fluff the wool with our Wool Shop Duster Care Brush. If the duster becomes excessively soiled, HAND WASH using our Wool Shop Duster Shampoo..
Wool Cleaning Tools

Why Wool?
Microscopic image of wool fiber showing the overlapping scales that make up the cuticle layer. Notice the difference between the physical structure of the wool fiber and man-made synthetic.

Wool is a natural fiber that has an abundance of unique attriubtes. The physcial make-up of wool fiber is so complex it can never be duplicated or imitated by man-made synthetic processes. At Wool Shop, we adhere to strict quality standards to assure the wool we use is of the highest quality, making Wool Shop products beyond comparison.

Scratch Resistant
The Epicuticle is a thin protective film covering the cuticle (scales) which makes the wool fiber more resistant to abrasion. Wool Shop dusters can be used on the most delicate of surfaces.

Extremely Durable
The Cortex is the main inside layer of the fiber that composes 90% of the fiber mass. Because of the amazing cable-like strength of the Cortex each wool fiber is so elastic and resiliant that it can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking or damaging the fiber. When you think long-lasting durability, think Wool Shop dusters.

Amazing Dust-Grabbing Ability
The Cuticle layer is the outer part of the wool fiber and is composed of hundreds of microscopic, overlapping scales. Tiny pockets between the scales naturally trap and hold dust particles. This amazing feature has made Wool Shop dusters famous for their dust-grabbing ability. 
More sizes:
5" Multi-Use Duster - Model #D51 @ $3.99
8" Lambswool Duster - Model #DO8 @ $6.99
18" Lambswool Duster - Model #D18 @ $11.99
36" Lambswool Duster - Model #D36 @ $14.99
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​10" Lambswool Duster - Model #D10
Customers find the 10" Lambswool Duster easy to use for dusting numerous items in every part of the house.

24" Lambswool Duster - Model #D24
The 24" Lambswool Duster is one of our most favorite duster sizes for walls, pictures, table legs, etc. with the extra long amount of wool on the handle - it saves you time.
48" Lambswool Duster - Model #D48
The 48" Lambswool Duster is perfect when you need just a little more handle to reach light fixtures or stairwell walls. This duster is a nice lightweight duster for people who are wheelchair bound.

To give you all around dusting convenience, we recommend adding the 10" duster to your order. The 10" and 48" duo is a perfect, convenient, time-saving match.

36" Wooly Wand - Model #D50
Our very versatile short shearling wool duster is great for cleaning coils of a refrigerator or a hot water radiator. The 36" Wooly Wand is handy when dusting between the washer and dryer or retrieving items which may have fallen between appliances
Wool Dust Mitt - Model #WSC53 @ $16.99
Our dust mitt is made of incredibily soft, dust-busting lambswool to gently dust the most delicate of surfaces.

Duster Care Shampoo - Model #D56 @ $7.99
A special "lanolin enriched" formula used for hand washing your Wool Shop Lambswool Duster if it becomes excessively soiled. 4oz.

Duster Care Brush - Model #DB4 @ $9.99
Designed to help restore the duster to its original shape and maximum dust-collecting ability. Also, for general maintenance and care, you may want to add the Duster Brush to your order when purchasing one of our Wool Shop mops.
Telescopic Angle Lambswool Dusters

Our telescopic angle dusters are the answer to all of your hard-to-reach dusting needs! The specially-designed pivoting feature lets you quickly and easily dust areas at almost any angle which were once too difficult to reach. With a simple twist of the wrist the rigid telescopic handles easily adjusts to the desired dusting length, or simply unscrew the wool duster attachment from the handle and it quickly transforms into a handy, hand duster for smaller jobs.

Easy to Clean: The wool head can be unscrewed from the handle for cleaning. Shake then twirl the duster head handle between your hands to spin the dust from the wool, as well as fluffing the fibers. If the fibers are matted due to dust and cobwebs, use the Wool Shop Duster Care Brush to comb and fluff the wool. If the wool becomes excessively soiled, hand wash the duster using Wool Shop Duster Shampoo which has the 7 steps to wash our Wool Shop Dusters. Hang the duster (out of the sun) to dry then comb and fluff the wool with our Duster Brush.
25' Telescopic Duster - Model #MGR25F
A man sized duster! For people who need to clean extremely tall ceilings, the 25' Telescopic Duster is the answer. The duster head can be unscrewed from the handle to become a practical hand duster. The angle connector comes with this duster. The pole extends from 8'5" to 25'8".

Oversized Item - Shipping Charge of $15.00
13' Telescopic Duster - Model #MGR13F
Ladies can easily handle this size duster. Thanks to the angle connector which comes with this duster, its perfect for dusting lights, hard-to-reach cobwebs and high windowsills. The pole extends from 6'3" to 13'8".
9' Telescopic Duster - Model #MGR9F
The sturdy feel of this handle which telescopes from 4'11" to 9'8" makes this durable duster one of our favorites.
6.5' Telescopic Value Duster - Model #TAD78
There is great value in the 6.5' telescopic duster, in both height and weight. This was our first telescoping duster before customers wanted to reach higher to dust their beautiful high-ceiling homes. The steel handle telescoping duster extends from 4'5" to 6'5".
Flexhead Attachment - Model #FH10 @ $15.99
The bendable head of the Flexhead Attachment gets into and around hard to reach areas. The head fits all of our metal handles.
Telescopic Wool Head Refill - Model #TWDHO $14.99
You can rest assured that you will be able to replace your worn lambswool duster head with a new one. The Telescopic Wool Head Refill fits all of our metal handles.
Lambswool Floor Care

Our floor mops are specially-made of thousands of super-soft, dust-grabbing lambswool fibers to naturally attract and hold dust like a magnet. Wonderful for dusting hardwood floors, tile entryways, vinyl kitchen floors, and even walls and ceilings. Carefully sewn using durable, high-tensile thread and strong stitching to assure maximum durability and longevity. Our lambswool dust mops are to be used dry and not as a wet mop.

Easy to Clean: When the wool becomes matted with cobwebs or general dust, simply shake the head or comb with our Wool Shop Duster Care Brush to release dust and fluff the fibers. DO NOT wash the wool head until it becomes extremely dirty. Remove the mop head from the frame. In the sink, add a few drops of Wool Shop Duster Shampoo to cool water. HAND WASH the mop head. Spin dry in the washing machine but DO NOT DRY THE HEAD IN THE DRYER! Put the head back onto the frame. Hang to dry, out of the sun, then comb to fluff when dry.

22" Mega Mop - Model #LSM518
Mega Mop Refill - Model #LSM518/R @ $29.99
The 22" Mega Mop is thoughtfully-designed with an extra wide sweep to cover large surfaces in one pass. Convenient slip-in pocket to allow mop part to be quickly removed from the frame for easy replacement. This exceptional floor Mega Mop will save you time and energy. The mop can easily be hung by the handle for storage.
Wedge Mop - Model #D58 @ $19.99
Wedge Mop Refill - Model #D52 @$15.99

The Wedge Mop is handmade of soft, luxurious lambswool and comes complete with a solid 48" lacquered hardwood handle with pivoting head for greater cleaning flexibility. Our very convenient Wedge Mop cleans smaller floor areas around the home. It's great for picking up pet hair. A leather hangtie lets you easily store the mop.
Lambswool Buffing Bonnet
Model #LBB6 - 6" size - $9.99
Model #LBB8 - 8" size - $12.99
Model #LBB10 - 10" size - $16.99

The bonnets are made using premium-quality, 3/4" lambswool with a cord tie.
Lambswool Applicator with Hardwood Block

Model #APB10 - 10" size - $9.99
Model #APB12 - 12" size - $11.99
Model #APB14 - 14" size - $12.99
Model #APB16 - 16" size - $13.99
Model #APB18 - 18" size - $15.99

The 100% Lambswool Applicator with Hardwood Block is available in 10" through 18" sizes. Each wood block comes with a premium-quality, 3/4" lambswool applicator pad for optimal performance. Great for finishing hardwood, tile, or marble floors. 
​Lambswool Applicator Pad Refills

Model #AP10 - 10" size - $5.99
Model #AP12 - 12" size - $6.99
Model #AP14 - 14" size - $7.99
Model #AP16 - 16" size - $8.99
Model #AP18 - 18" size - $10.99

Each premium-quality, 3/4" lambswool applicator refill is made to fit our hardwood applicator blocks. Used to finish hardwood, tile, or marble floors.
8' Telescopic Pole (Aluminum) Model #TPA8
Price: $49.99
The 8' Telescopic Pole is the shortest of our series of three aluminum poles. It can be used with any of our duster heads and connector accessories. It extends from 3'3" to 8'.
24' Telescopic Pole (Aluminum)
#TPA24 @ $89.99
No need to get on a ladder and risk a fall when you can use the 24' Telescopic Pole to reach practically all of your "way up high" places. This pole is heavier than the 12' and it takes a little more strength and maneuvering when telescoped to its longest length. It extends from 6'9" to 24'.
12' Telescopic Pole (Aluminum)
Model #TPA12 @ Price: $59.99
A durable pole for reaching high places. Choose one of our duster head accessories to compliment your duster needs. It extends from 4'7" to 12'.
Ceiling Fan Duster with Telescopic Handle
Model #CFD10 @ $49.95

Quick & Easy to Use: Slowly slide the Ceiling Fan Duster over the ceiling fan blade. If wool becomes excessively soiled simply give each roller a quarter turn to reveal a clean dusting surface. Repeat process until the blade is thoroughly cleaned. Please note: If fan blades have not been cleaned for an extended length of time a different cleaning method may be initially needed to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Telescoping handle adjusts 5' - 10'.

Cleaning Instructions: The Wool Dusting Cylinders can be quickly and easily cleaned by vacuuming the dust from the wool using a vacuum hose nozzle. However, if cylinders become excessively soiled simply hand-wash in cool water with Wool Shop Duster Shampoo or a mild dishwashing liquid. Lather shampoo into wool and thoroughly rinse. Squeeze out excess water and allow to air dry. Once dry, fluff the wool with the Duster Care Brush or pet comb. Please note: Wool Dusting Cylinders ARE NOT recommended to soak in water while washing.

After a time the Wool Dusting Cylinders will need to be replaced with new, clean cylinders. Order the Ceiling Fan Duster Refill to make your Ceiling Fan Duster like new.

Ceiling Fan Duster Refill - Model #CFDR2 @ $19.99

If the time comes when the wool duster cylinders need replacing, just order the refill. Replacing the dusting cylinders is easy.
1) Simply unscrew the wing nuts from one side of the dusting frame.
2) Pull out metal rods.
3) Replace old used cylinders with new, clean cylinders.
4) Reattach and tighten wing nuts. Wing nuts must be finger tight

Ostrich Feather Duster
Our ostrich feathers are exclusively hand-selected for their soft flexible feathers and rich, silky appearance to assure maximum dust-collecting abilities. Thousands of soft, tiny filaments found on each feather act as a magnet to effectively trap and hold dust particles.

Easy to Clean: Gently shake the duster to release the dust.
20" Ostrich Feather Duster - Model #FD20 @ Price: $17.99
This medium size duster is the ultimate in function for reaching various heights, as well as table top items.
28" Ostrich Feather Duster - Model #FD28
Looking for ease in reaching that problem area? Add this duster to your order.
Store Away Feather Duster - Model #SF55
This retractable, small grouping of feathers is handy to carry in your pocket and takes less space in your storage cabinet or container.

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